wayne cosmetology school


Through the Pivot Point & Milady curriculum, you will learn hairdressing skills and use your creativity to become a confident beauty professional. Your cosmetology education will include basic and advanced hairdressing techniques, nail care, skin care and esthetics, makeup application, client and retail skills as well as how to create a resume and portfolio necessary to brand yourself in today’s digital world.


Students can expect to complete this program in approximately 1 year attending on a full time schedule.

Course Objectives

The objective of the cosmetology course is to train students on all aspects of cosmetology to successfully pass the state licensing examination. By incorporating Pivot Point’s innovative philosophy of See, Think, Create and Adapt as a designer in their Cosmology Fundamentals curriculum, students are prepared for meeting and exceeding the demands of today’s increasingly well-informed salon clientele. Art22 Academy offers a complete Salon Professional module integrated into the program,which helps students prepare for their career. The interactive Salon Professional component addresses communication and business skills specifically designed for the salon or spa environment. With a strong technical background and strong communication skills, graduates will have the resources necessary to become successful salon professionals.

Course Description

The cosmetology course is offered through four Phases of instruction.

During Phase 1 (Weeks 1-8) students are introduced to the fundamentals of Sculpture/Cut, Hair Design, Long Hair, Client- Centered Design and Science. Study in these areas will explore sculpting and designing services for all types of hair. Focus is placed on learning how to see as a designer as students become familiar with the theory, tools and procedures used for providing sculpting and designing. Additional areas of study include the practice of appropriate infection control and safety procedures, Professional Development, Business, Life Skills and concludes this phase by providing study in Guest Relations that are necessary for entry-level salon proficiency. Students will apply learned techniques and practice on mannequins and/or live models.

Phase 2 (Weeks 9-16) students are introduced to the fundamentals of Color, Texture and Wigs & Hair Additions. Study in these areas will explore how to make permanent texture changes in hair—including making curly hair straight and straight hair curly—and how to formulate hair color for any client while relating numerous color designs to the sculpted form. Student will be able to determine the competency and complexities of the medium used in Trichology (the study of hair). Additional areas of study in Phase 2 is theory and practice for Manicuring, Pedicure, Skin Care and Makeup. Students will also continue developing their skills in Professional Development, Business and Life Skills. Students will apply learned techniques and practice on mannequins and/or live models.

Phase 3 (Weeks 7-49) of the course continues to feature Cosmology Fundamentals workshops for Sculpture, Hair Design, Texture, Color, Nail and Skin Care Services. Focus during this phase is on the introduction of the student to Salon/Clinical portion of the course where students can practice the skills they have acquired to this point on guests visiting the student salon environment. Students will work on developing communication and technical skills and continue the practice of appropriate infection control and safety procedures as they operate under the supervision of licensed professionals.

In Phase 4/Salon Life (Weeks 37-49), students review and prepare for final Academy testing and Indiana Professional Licensure Exam. Students will be evaluated both theoretically and practically on all subjects/aspects they have studied since the beginning of the course. Continued practice of adapting as a designer while scheduled for student salon sessions during Phase 4/Salon Life will help assure the students’ success.