Art22 Academy is a private institution looking for exceptional students who dare to believe they can achieve whatever their mind can conceive, and possess a burning desire and willingness to work hard in order to achieve their dreams. All programs are taught in the English language only.

Art22 Academy does not recruit students who have been admitted to or who are already attending another institution that offers similar programs of study. The Academy does not admit ability-to-benefit students. Art22 Academy reserves the right to change scheduled start dates and/or class schedule without prior notice. Schedules may vary. Note: Applicants who are not seeking a certificate are not considered regular students and will be enrolled as space availability allows.

The Process

To be considered for admission as a regular student to any program, a prospective student must complete the following requirements:

  1. Must be at least 17 years of age.
  2. Proof of Age – a copy of a driver’s license or government issued photo identification card.
  3. Proof of High School Graduation by submission of a copy of one of the following:
    1. High school diploma;
    2. G.E.D. certificate;
    3. High school transcript with the graduation date;
    4. State-issued credential for secondary school completion if home-schooled;
    5. Foreign Diploma that has been translated and authenticated as equivalent to a High School Graduation Diploma in the United States. The institution must have evidence that verification of a foreign student’s high school diploma has been performed by an outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a U.S. high school diploma. This is the responsibility of the student to provide this prior to enrollment.
  4. Instructor training – in addition to meeting the above requirements the applicant must have at least 6 months salon experience in the field for which they are licensed as a practitioner (excluding barbers).
  5. A signed complete Enrollment Agreement and payment on required fees.

— Click to download our catalog and State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners Licensure Laws and Regulations