This section of our web site addresses many of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Art22 Academy.

Q: What are graduation requirements?
To get your Diploma or Certificate, you must complete the Program hours, successfully pass your technical and practical examinations, and be current with your financial obligations to the academy.

Q: Once I finish the program, will I get my license?
To get your license, you must pass the Indiana state board examination. Art22 Academy will prepare you throughout the course by giving you a “mock” state board examination.

Q: Tell me about the classes. What can I expect?
Classes are diversified. You’re not going to be stuck in a classroom all day. We have lectures, of course, but we also have live demonstrations, guest speakers, videos and practical application.

Q: When can I start school?
Check our Course Schedule Calendar.

Q: When do I begin to work on “real people”?
After the first phase of training and testing out, you’ll be working on both patrons and mannequins.

Q: Is there minimum age to enroll?
Yes, you must be at least 17 years of age to begin training.

Q: Do I need to have a high school diploma?
A high school diploma or GED is required prior to enrollment.

Q: Do you offer financial assistance?
Yes! Payment plans are available through TFC and in-house.

Q: Will you help me find a job once I get my license?
Art22 Academy offers Placement Assistance. While we can’t guarantee you a job, we will help you find your first position and assist you to reach your career goals.

If your questions are still not answered here, or from another location within our web site, please contact us.