fort wayne cosmetology teacher training

Instructor Training

Are you ready to empower the next generation of artistic designers with education and the experience you have gained in your career? Then a teaching education with Art22 Academy is your first step toward becoming a valued mentor in the lives of cosmetology students.


Limited class starts are available and are announced periodically based on market need. Students can expect to complete the 1000 hour program in approximately 8 months attending on a full time schedule.

Admissions Requirements

Must have an active cosmetologist licensed, provide proof of age, a high school diploma or GED, and at least 6 months salon experience.

Course Objectives

The objective of the Instructor Training Course is to prepare the licensed professional to become a well-trained and well- rounded teaching professional. Art22 Academy strives to teach a variety of techniques and principles that graduates will be able to rely on throughout their teaching career. Students in this course will also receive assistance in preparation for the state licensing examination.

Instructor Training Course Description

The Teachers Training Course consists of theoretical and practical instruction. The students demonstrate their knowledge of all subject matter in theory and application, through the completion of required written and practical applications. This curriculum and course of study are designed to instruct a student in basic teaching methods and Mindful Teaching while instructing with the latest in interactive education and technology. It is anticipated, for the effective implementation of this course, that the student is proficient in the art and practice of cosmetology.

Following sound training principles, the course provides an opportunity for each student to observe and assist experienced teachers in the performance of their duties, to perform skill demonstrations, to have supervised practice teaching and to thoroughly study the principles of teaching. The course permits the student to apply, in a classroom atmosphere, the practices and theories to which they are exposed in the course while under the supervision of a licensed educator.

During Phase 1 students will receive instruction on seven modules including Mindful Teaching, Brain Basics and Learning, Preparing to Teach, Classroom Management, Instructional Methods, Assessing Learner Progress, and The Art of Teaching. This phase will also review the state licensing requirements and business methods.

As students progress to Phase2 they will begin interning under the direction of a licensed instructor in the classroom and student salon environment.

In the final portion of this course, Phase 3 students will continue their postgraduate training on all areas of the cosmetology course while interning under the direction of a licensed instructor in the classroom and student salon environment while completing an intern development journal.